Properties in Apparel

An ideal fibre for apparel, its cool in the summer, warm in the winter. It is one of the most comfortable and functional fibres that can be placed next to the skin. It can be silky or cotton-like, it has all the comfort and performance values sought out by today’s consumers. It’s lightweight and fast-drying. It can stretch, and it protects against odours and mildew. In fact, there isn’t much it can’t do.

Polypropylene apparel has a unique characteristic of keeping the human body comfortable. It stays cooler when its warm, and warmer when its cool. It does not cling to the skin and will not ride-up in activewear.

Polypropylene apparel has excellent breathability.

Moisture Control
Polypropylene fabric wicks away perspiration by promoting the movement of moisture away from the skin. The technical reason for this ability to move moisture is the hydrophobic nature of polypropylene fibre.

Polypropylene is the most comfortable fibre to wear next to the skin. Unlike wool and some synthetics, polypropylene is non-allergenic and will not irritate sensitive skin.

Polypropylene fibre does not retain body odours, keeping the fabric more hygienic. It resists the growth of odour-producing bacteria, mildew and other micro-organisms.

Soil Resistance
Polypropylene is unusually resistant to soiling due to its chemical inertness and lower accumulation of static by friction during use. As a result it attracts less dirt or dust compared to most other fibres.

Easy Care
Polypropylene fabric can be washed easily and dries faster than 100% cotton.