Single-Ply Multifilament Yarn

Duralene® #120 is a 1200 denier (approximately) single ply multifilament yarn, is UV stabilized, knot-free, and chemical resistant. It has been specially developed for imported overhead (fixed) and table-model two-thread sewing machines.

Duralene #120 has approximately 7,500 meters of yarn per kilogram. (Denier is the weight in grams of 9000 meters of yarn).


Duralene #120 single-ply multifilament yarn is commonly used in stitching woven PP bags at the manufacturer’s end on two-thread chain stitch machines and bag closing on two-thread chain stitch fixed overhead liners. (Such as bag closing of sugar, feed, flour, fertilizer, rice, grains, etc.)

Laboratory test results for Duralene #120 yarn are available.

*Bag width = 22 inches, stitched length = 25 inches (22” + 3” chain)
Stitch Type Stitches per Inch Yarn Consumption per Bag
(in meters)
Single Thread Chain Stitch 3.25 2.30
Two Thread Chain Stitch 5 2.75
Note: Consumption per bag varies with the thickness of the stitched material, pressure of the presser’s foot, tension and denier of sewing yarn.
Packaging Cone Specification
Type Weight Height Maximum Diameter Meterage
Standard 320 grams 4.5 inches 3.5 inches 4,200 meters per cone
Bulk 1.25 kilograms 6.75 inches 6 inches 9,375 meters per cone
Standard packaging is 30 shrink-wrapped cones, packed in one 5-ply corrugated paperboard carton with imported liner.
Bulk packaging is 18 cones wrapped in PE bags, packed in one 5-ply corrugated paperboard carton.

Note: A special yarn feeder is recommended and provided free of cost to be used with Duralene® #120 yarn.


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