Sewing Yarns for Woven PP Bags

Duralene Industrial Sewing Yarns

Advantages for woven polypropylene bags

Duralene® sewing yarns are made from polypropylene – famous for its economy, strength, lightweight, and durability.

Knot-Free – Duralene yarns are knot-free as well as free from variations in twist and broken pieces so that there are no stoppages and no needle or looper breakage, thus giving less down time and higher operator and machine efficiency.

No Lint or Fuzz Balls – Duralene yarns don’t have lint or fuzz balls, no loose fibers and no ‘thick and thin’ places as in spun yarns, and this lead to longer machine life and lesser maintenance cost.

Strength – Duralene yarns have achieved the balance between elasticity and strength so that they are supple as well as able to withstand the most rigorous of drop tests. (Polypropylene also has a high strength to weight ratio).

Lubrication – Duralene yarns are pre-lubricated and have a uniform diameter for smoother operation.

Low Cost – Because of its low specific gravity of 0.91, Duralene yields the greatest volume of product for its given weight of yarn. Duralene® yarns cost less than cotton or polyester sewing threads. Polypropylene is 51% lighter than polyester and 69% lighter than cotton, giving more meterage for the same bulk and fill as cotton or polyester in less weight. A 1200 denier Duralene yarn gives as much bulk and fill as does a polyester yarn of 1800 denier.

Quality – Duralene yarns are produced under one roof, from the chips to the final delivery package, leading to consistent quality, pricing and dependable supplies. Standard products are available from ready stocks.

Ultraviolet Resistance – Duralene yarns with UV retardant last longer than the bags themselves if the bags are stored in the open.

Shrink Resistant – Duralene yarns are dimensionally stable and hence shrink resistant if the bags are exposed to rain or other water.