About Polypropylene


Polypropylene has the lowest specific gravity of all fibres (0.91), making it the lightest of all textile fibres. Low specific gravity also means that it takes 20% to 41% less polypropylene fibre to produce “fill” and densities equivalent to fabrics made from nylon, acrylic, polyester, rayon/acetate, cotton or wool.

Duralane polypropylene yarn is strong, colourfast, and inherently resistant to stains and soils, abrasion, mildew, perspiration, and inclement weather. These qualities make it an ideal fibre for home upholstery, automotive, contract furniture, carpets, apparel and industrial applications. Polypropylene applications for apparel include denim jeans, activewear, undergarments and socks, and industrial products such as ropes, webbings, filter fabrics, and geotextiles.

Polypropylene has the highest growth rate among man-made fibres and more than twice the growth rate of any other fibre. With a greater market share than nylon, and second only to polyester, it is a leading synthetic fibre used for textiles.

Inherent Characteristics

  • Good bulk and cover, very lightweight
  • High strength (wet or dry)
  • Resistant to deterioration from mildew, bacteria, perspiration, rot and moisture
  • Outstanding resistance to chemicals
  • Abrasion resistant (durable)
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Stain and soil resistant, pill resistant, odour resistant
  • Good washability, quick drying, unique wicking
  • Sunlight resistant (with UV additive), colourfast
  • Resilient, very comfortable
  • Low static, low thermal conductivity
  • Non-allergenic

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