Enhanced Properties / Additives


Polypropylene fibres and yarns can be incorporated with special additives, which can make the end product sunlight, flame, or bacteria resistant.

These additives enhance the fibre properties and render it an inherent performance characteristic that makes these yarns ideal for Contract, Hospitality, Healthcare and Outdoor Fabrics. These additives are inherent and eliminate the need for elaborate, expensive, and non-durable post-finishing processes.

Sunlight resistance (Ultraviolet light stabilizers for UV (weathering) resistance)
Ultraviolet inhibiting agents to prevent premature fading or degradation.

Flame resistance (Fire retardants for flame retardancy)
Flame retardant additives are incorporated into the yarns during extrusion to give fabrics added flame resistance. This eliminates the need for topical flame resistance treatments which can be expensive and non-durable. However, care should be taken that where self-extinguishing qualities are required; the performance characteristics of the end article are considered.

Bacteria resistance (Antimicrobial additives)
Antimicrobial additives are bound throughout the fibre for long lasting protection against odour-causing bacteria, fungi, molds and mildews.

Inhibits growth of microscopic organisms on the surface of fabrics.

Asthma and allergy prevention.

Protects against microbial odour and mildew.

No risk to human ecology and environment.

Spin finish
For anti-static qualities

Improved long term stability at higher temperatures and oxidation resistance.

Genuine trilobal cross-section for more volume, sheen and better resilience.

True delta cross-section for extra brightness and shine.

Round cross-section for a smooth silky luster.

Hollow cross-section for light weight and improved insulation.