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Duralene® Polypropylene Yarns and Fibres

  • Continuous Filament Flat Yarn
  • Interlaced/Intermingled Yarn
  • Twisted and Plied
  • BCF (Bulked Continuous Filament)
  • Air-Textured
  • Special Effect Fancy Air-Textured Yarn
  • Carpet yarns: heat set, single ply, cabled, frieze, knit-de-knit
  • Industrial Sewing Yarns
  • Tape Yarn
  • Fibrillated Tape
  • High tenacity fibres and yarns
  • Monofilaments
  • Staple fibre
  • Yarn for grass carpets
  • Fibres for reinforcement of concrete

Products using polypropylene fibres and yarns last longer, are lighter, have greater resistance, and are more advanced, and more efficient than products using conventional materials.

Ask for our colour card to see our range of standard colours. From silky soft to coarse and tough yarns, 300-10,000 denier range are available, in 2 to 30 denier per filament and 13 to 100 mm staple lengths, in bright, semi-bright, semi-dull and dull finishes.

Duralene® fibres and yarns can be tailor-made to suit customer applications.